Frequent Questions

1- What is Wanawalk?

Wanawalk is the meeting point for travelers in which you can create trips to share with people from all over the world or join others already created.
In addition, you will have access to the best tourist services around the world (accommodation, transport, guides, agencies, excursions ...) so you can plan your trip from start to finish.

2- Is Wanawalk a travel agency?

Absolutely. Wanawalk puts travelers in contact with other travelers or services, but does not sell or organize your trips, it simply gives you all the necessary tools so you can create and manage it to your liking and with total freedom.

3- How much does it cost to use Wanawalk?

Wanawalk is completely free. Service reservations are paid upon arrival, so you can verify that it meets your expectations.

4- I want to go on a trip. How do I start?

First of all, go to the search engine and select your preferences, to find similar trips that are already in progress. Remember that you can only search by destination, if you do not care the date you travel, or only by date, if the destination for you is the least important. You have plenty of filters to search for your ideal trip.

5- Do I need to join the whole trip?

Absolutely. Wanawalk is characterized by giving total freedom to its travelers. Maybe you just want to join a part of the trip. You simply have to talk to the creator of the trip and join the stages that you agree.

6- I can not find a trip to the destination I want. What I do?

If you do not find a trip to join because it does not fit your preferences, it's time to create your own adventure. You choose when, where and with whom you will go.

7- Can I create a trip for a day trip?

Of course. At Wanawalk our purpose is to make it easy for you. You can create a day trip, whether it is close to your residence`s place or thousands of miles away. You can create as many trips and adventures as you want.

8- What are the services?

The services we offer are professionals and companies from all over the world, who by being subscribed to Wanawalk, offer you the possibility of contacting them directly, without intermediaries, and with the possibility of negotiating the price yourself.
Look for a taxi in New York, a rural accommodation in the mountains of Nepal, a tour guide in Egypt, a tuc tuc in Thailand or a safari in South Africa, all directly managing with the service provider.

9- How do I book a service or excursion?

Very simple, you just have to contact the advertiser of the service that you choose between our wide offer, negotiate the price directly with the provider and close the deal. Automatically you will receive an email with all the information, and enjoy!

10- And if I finally can not go?

Wanawalk is based on the sincerity, communication and good faith of its users. It is a meeting point to facilitate the incredible experience of travel and share however your scores and ratings will be reduced each time you do not present.
In the case of services, those who have penalties for breaching their commitments, because for us, YOU are the most important, and we want only the best provide services so that your experience is 100% satisfactory.

11- Can I book services without being the creator of the trip?

Yes, you can hire a service directly without having to create a trip / adventure, just search and negotiate the service you need.

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